Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are hijacked, all of us.
Taken from our natural state of oneness,
of undefined unlimited and unlocated beingness.
Of wonder, immediacy and intimacy.

Deluded in believing what everyone around us told us
when we were very young and innocent.
You are a girl/ boy, so and so, age, story upon story.
A thing, a person, a someone, located and limited.

We forgot where we came from.
Forgot who and what we are and
played the game of being a some body.
Always having this nagging feeling...
Something is missing..

Oneness is playing the game of hide and seek
until we tire of it and want to come home.

Just ask the right question
and investigate..
Who am I.. ?

The neighbour plays the piano
the windmill turns with screeching sounds
babblers outside the window scratch the soil
looking for titbits