Monday, January 16, 2012

What is it?

This pulsating aliveness always present already, 
is what we are. 

And in this, 
and as this 
our story unfolds. 
The story of a person: 
male – female, 

And everything that is happening to us. 
Our work, 
our friends, 
our living circumstances, 
our achievements. 

And everything that has happened to us in the past. 
The bad things happened to us, the good things. 

With this we keep ourselves busy. 

Retelling our stories over and over
in detail as this is what we know. 

And through this we define ourselves 
and project ourselves as a person. 
This is what we are.
Are we?

We live in a mysterious universe. 

We do not know what it is. 

Even though we have measured and labeled it 
and can tell you the name of even the tiniest particle of matter. 

But what is it? 

Do we know? 

When we see the colour blue, 
what do we see? 

What are colours, 
what is a shape, a tree, anything really.? 

Without names and labels 
we look and do not know actually what it is. 

We do not know what we are really.

Without names and labels what can you say?
Its all a mysterious unknown..

What is it?