Sunday, January 29, 2012

Passing by

Life is passing by with joys and pleasures with pain and sorrow.
And it wants to be felt welcomed in all of its guises.
It wants to be fully taken in, and it will leave the premises as soon
as we have tasted all in its fullness.
As soon as we put up resistance to one side of life, it will
start bugging us, will keep at our heels. Will not let us go
until we have seen also this side.

The moment we refuse to feel the emptiness, the depression,
the sadness, the loss, we get trapped in the resistance to feeling it.
And suddenly it becomes a big thing.
The funny thing is that the emotion itself is not the problem.
Fully feeling whatever is there, whatever the emotion, carries
in itself grace and beauty and brings us to silence, to what we are.
The problem really is in the resistance of feeling the emotion which
has been labeled negative or difficult.
Then a whole story starts.
The drama, the person and the why and how of it all.
Often it is unconsciously done, imparted to us through our upbringing
and eduction. We have been taught to limit ourselves, not to let the unpleasant emotions into our lives.
Trying to control whatever comes our ways.
Only the 'good' ones are allowed in.
Until we feel suffocated by our self made prison.

To take the courage, the leap and be willing to fully experience whatever life is offering at each moment is Grace itself, is freedom.

Late afternoon sunlight through the windows
firework from a distant village
a cawing crow calls out