Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fields with crops

Early morning.
The sun peeking over grey heavy clouds.
A vast landscape with the tops of trees 
and a lonesome church steeple 
sticking out of the fog 
which hugs the soil.
The road winds its way on top of the dike.
The smell of freshly cut grass.
Birds,  sheep,  fields with crops,  
green everywhere,
and water.

An endless vastness.
A gentle peace pervading all.

In nature it is easy to feel that existence 
has no boundaries.
No separateness.
It is one movement.
All happening in what we are.
As it is.

It is when we bump into human life, 
that we are confronted with seemingly others,  
with what appears to us as limitations and boundaries.

Strong personalities evoking reactions.
Demands and expectations of our surroundings.
Family,  work, society etc.

Its our own belief in being a person 
which will make it appear so.
These demands and reactions rub against 
what we believe to be a me.
If the belief drops away one sees that these 
apparent limitations have no reality.  
It is not that reactions or demands are not felt and noticed, 
they are seen in clarity.
But as they have nothing to hold on to 
they are gone in no time,  just passing by.
Everything appears in this vast space,
and disappears without a trace.

Investigating this apparent me is the key.
The key to the gateless gate.
Who are you?
Who am I?

Find out.

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