Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What do we know?

What do we know?
What is knowledge?
Is it all that is gathered and accumulated 
during our life time?

Imparted to us by parents, teachers, 
neighbors, friends, the media, society?

How to behave, how to speak, education, 
the 'facts' of life, and which ideals to follow.

Repeating what they told us, 
like trained monkeys?

As children having fallen out of paradise.
Believing the lie of separation 
because nobody told us otherwise.
What choice did we have?
Trained monkeys we are,  
all of us.

Shining through this veneer of 'civilisation', 
of an assumed identity,
the monkey we believe ourselves to be,  
there is a raw vital aliveness.
Life itself.

What we are, 
as there is no separation.
Perceiving, knowing going on..
Knowing without words.
Direct and immediate.
Intelligence itself.
Already operating.

Who and what were we 
before our training began?
Before conditioning started?
What is our original face?

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