Friday, June 22, 2012


Yesterday evening i attended, by chance,
a Buddhist meditation session:  Vipassana.  
Half an hour standing meditation,  
half an hour walking meditation,  
and half an hour sitting.
The intensity builds up as concentration gets stronger.   
With guidance one notices the outgoing 
tendencies of thoughts and feelings, 
and the involvement in the stories they spin.
Everything that happens gets named.  
There is no judgment,  
merely an observing.

Was interesting to meditate after so many years,  
and see that yes, for people still very much lost in the 
hypnosis of being a person in the world,  
this could be a first step.
To disentangle the knot of believing 
oneself to be an independent entity.   
To, through the technique of stepping back 
from all objects which present themselves in the meditation,  
the sensing,  the feelings,  the thoughts,  
to become aware of the space in which all occurs.

One of the many paradoxes:

There is no obstacle to see directly that 
what you are is awareness itself.

And that anything and everything 
could be a help or a tool to notice
the obstacles that are blocking Seeing.

In the end there is just Seeing,  
all else falls away.
All ideas of reaching somewhere,  
of practices and techniques.

Just This

p.s. Anything,  anything at all could be 
       a help or a hindrance.
      There are no sure practices, processes 
       to lead anybody anywhere.
      There is no road, nowhere to go,   
       and not a person to go anywhere.

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