Thursday, June 14, 2012

Footsteps on cobbled streets

Sitting in an apartment in the historical heart of Amsterdam.
Overlooking a canal lined with boats and trees,.
A canal cruise full of tourists is passing by.
Leaving a wake in the water.
Tiny eddies catching the sun 
in a flickering play of light and shadow.

A door slams and workman's voices are heard.
Footsteps on cobbled streets.

A man in front of the house tries to figure 
out the parking ticket machine.
Cycles with big chains and locks clustered here and there

A tap drips and an aeroplane flies over.
The taste of coffee in the mouth 
and a sensation of warmth
reaching the stomach

Colors, and shapes,
Noises and sounds
Tastes and smells

The body moves as one leg is getting 
less circulation and starts to feel numb.
Fingers on the keyboard writing down what pops up.
There is no intention 
merely an observing what is happening.

A thought about lunch appears and disappears again.
No action results as there is no appetite.
A feeling of peace and quiet is present.

Thoughts and feelings
Sensations and perceptions.

Wherever you are, there you are.
One seamless totality in which all takes place.

All happening spontaneously
No one doing anything.
Life happening

Here a link to Sam Harris on Free Will
Clear and beautifully explained.

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