Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just a game

Naming,  labeling comes after the fact.
Comes after perceiving.
It goes so fast that it is mostly unnoticed.

Before we were able to comprehend 
the babbling noises adults were directing at us,  
tiny tots still,
everything was perceived pristine,  
without filters.
Aware of all the sensory perceptions directly.

Then language comes into being. 
Everything which was perceived immediate 
and as non separative from the perceiving 
becomes a something with a name.

In the beginning this is a nice game.
As children we love to play,  
and we love to please our parents,
so we play along.   
Duck,  table,  spoon,  tree.

And then we notice that the whole adult world 
functions within this cardboard box reflection of reality.
After some time of going along in this game 
of naming and pretending we are different from what is,  
we forget that it is all a game.
Living in the illusion of being a somebody,
perceiving the world through naming and labeling.

 It is just a game.

Awareness is there before labeling started

Find out your natural state
your original face
What IS before any object makes an appearance,
before a supposed somebody divides it up into this and that.

There is only One.
The perceiving.

 The person you think yourself to be is an illusion. 

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