Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Face

All alone

with the Beloved meeting us

In the soft wind and still gentle sun on the skin.

In the sound of the motorbike purring,
the bumps on the road rocking and rolling.

In the bantering with the workers in the pottery
and the delight of the open easy contact.

The bickering with the partners and
in the irritation coming up.

The crunching of leaves under the feet.

The smell of incense in passing the incense factory.

The sight of birds in flight from tree to tree.

The strong presence of tall trees and thick foliage.

In the cramps and queasy feeling in the stomach.

Talks with good friends.

The taste of delicious spinach ricotta pie exploding
in the mouth.

In the stern faces on bikes meeting us 
or smiles and nods, and open and 
innocent greetings from children.

Pods of cotton on the silkcotton tree 
against the blue sky

A talk with my sister just on skype.

The screaching windmill.

And dinner standing ready.

Everywhere i meet Your face.

Nowhere are You not.

All is You meeting me as my Self.

For the Love of It,
For the Joy of It,
For You, Only You
which is Me
which is Everything.

This is all there is.