Monday, April 16, 2012


Let go
of all hold dear
of all not so clear
of the dusty bits still in the cupboard
and never looked at up close.
Get rid of the ego

Clean it up.
Trivial titbits still hanging on
to the remnants of this pseudo entity.
Bring light into it.
Dusty corners,
cobwebs here and there.
Tripping us,
Preventing clear seeing

( sounds good no? )

Can you do any of this?
Can an imaginary entity get rid of Itself ?
Is Life not passing by with all and everything so it can be seen,
or not?

No choice even in this.

No process, no levels.

No cleaning.
( How do you polish the ever present NOW ;-) )

Only This
With all that is happening.

And what It is we cannot say.....

The unknowable Something
The rest is all stories.

( This post is also a story....)