Sunday, April 1, 2012

Without the story..

What is it that wants to know the truth.?

The one who is searching, looking at ND blogs, websites.
What is it that motivates the person to meditate,
reading spiritual books, attending satsangs?.

Do you feel a resonance when reading some books or listening to speakers
like a recognition, a call to come home?

Could you stop the search?
Are you in control?

Is it like an itch that needs to be scratched, which does not leave you alone?
An unrest?.
Looking for relief from the discomfort of the limitations which are felt.
Is this what propels you forward?

always the same thought patterns,
always these old habits of thinking and feeling,
the sensation of being imprisoned in a bag of skin. ( wheaaahh )
Does it become unbearable?
Are you at a point where you say,
or shout out loud:

The truth no matter what...

To want the truth more then anything else.

Ready to step out of the comfort zone of the known.?

Willing to entertain the possibility that what you are is already here and now.?

Then stop the interest in the story of a me.
Simply stop the story.

Without a story, what is there?
What is here and now?

Isn't This what propelled the search in the first place?
Oneness wanting to recognize itself through you?

To return to the place you never left?

Find out for yourself.