Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not yet...

What we are is this timeless open presence.
In this all appears.
All dances its dance.
Thoughts, feelings, sensations, happenings, meetings
Continually coming and going.

Here and now,
always only what is.

The person we believe ourselves to be is in conflict with what is.

Its never the right moment.
In the future is where our happiness, salvation lies. Not now, not yet..

Its always somewhere else
The next satsang, the next book, the next amazing teacher. Not here, not yet...

Its never good enough
If we were just a little more compassionate, more determined, more clever, we would be able to comprehend it, get it.
Not perfect, not yet...

One could say that the resistance to what is is the person.

Also only Oneness happening as the dance of a person resisting what is.