Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A chainsaw close by buzzes like an angry insect as it cuts through fallen trees.
A strong wind sways the trees and lifts the metal roof which
comes down with banging sounds, just above my head
while i sit typing these words and a fan is spinning,
its sound drowned out by the banging the buzzing and the swishing,
the airflow felt on the skin.

This morning amoebes were diagnosed in a test.
Some symptoms of trouble were there, and one notices
another set of thoughts and sensations passing through open space.
A little nagging and complaining, some discomfort and pain.
Which in no way has to take center stage.
One does not need to focus on the negative or painful.
It also comes and goes, and is seen in
the unmoving unchanging wholeness you are,
like all the rest of life passing through.

Of course because of the discomfort there is the motivation to seek relieve.
Then driving a motorbike to the city to see the homeopath is happening, as the bodies natural intelligence initiates a course of action which then follows.
Life taking care of Itself.
All happening naturally and spontaneously.