Friday, April 13, 2012

No trace

Mind is not the enemy.

Mind is a concept under which we understand commonly;
a bundle of thought patterned in a certain way 
and identified with a particular body mind set up.

Geared and reared for years and decades to function 
in a particular way, habits have formed, 
have made grooves in the substance
of what we believe ourselves to be: 
a separate individual.

It is the identification with the belief of being a person 
which gives mind a right to exist status and hence 
can become a 'something' we need to get rid of, 
need to quieten, 
made peaceful.

But once we know ourselves to be the Suchness 
in which all appears, mind is seen as thought habits 
and looses its solidity.
It stops being a problem.

It is thought patterning in a certain way that's all.

Thoughts still come and go.
Its like writing in water..
They leave no trace.