Tuesday, July 3, 2012


All good pointers are bringing 
the seekers after the pot of gold,
all voracious readers of Nonduality blogs and websites 
to the one place overlooked.

The place where the reader and seeker is seeing from.

The placeless place you are right now 
reading these words from.

Anything else is taking you for a ride.
Just investigate..

Where are you standing right now.?

Where do the questions pop up in?

Who is looking?

Do not believe or follow anyone.
Dismiss all concepts.
Follow your intuition,  
find out.

You ARE the answer to your seeking.

And of course a bicycle has nothing 
to do with anything.
Just as pointers and teachers are equally 
redundant after reaching destination. 

Thank you for the ride...

I AM the place i never left..

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