Saturday, July 21, 2012


All things considered..

We go through life being confronted by events.
Actions are happening
Relationships appear and disappear.
Children are born.
Parents, friends and family die.

To whom does this appear.
Who are we?

As a child of 8 or 9 years old, 
walking to school and seeing the shadow
of my body reflected on the street, 
moving as the body was moving.
I was aware that i did not feel myself identified 
with that of which the shadow
was a reflection.  
Aware of something bigger just watching.

Already then, or still, 
the knowledge that i was more than a body.
Already then, or still, 
the perception of something aware of awareness.

Children often see in the right way,  
as they are not yet buried under
the concepts of name and form.

Before identification with a person and a name 
are fully in place, the light of knowledge is there.

But then, as there is nobody to tell us otherwise, 
to point out we are That which is looking, 
we get lost in the story of a me.

Knowing who you are prior to all concepts.
Seeing without identification or labeling.
The Ultimate Subject.

There you are.

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