Saturday, July 7, 2012

Not Two

So much longing from Itself for Itself.
an agony 
a wish to drown into the well of unknowing,
this abyss 
and disappear forever.

Thrown into the fire 
and be consumed by the flames.
The ache for annihilation 
of any felt sense of difference,

Take me, take me.
Where are you my Beloved?

And the Lover in wait,  
to jump at me unexpectedly
or take me in 
with soft and sweet promises

Where are you,  
are you still there?
is there still a you to ravish,   
to capture,  conquer
and to turn inside out.?

Are you still holding up barriers? 
Are you still keeping things from Me?

Do you not know I will tug and pull at 
and destroy anything which
is standing in between us.?

No obstacle will have the power to hold Me back.
Anything I will smash and break to sunder. 
Until there is nothing left in you but Me.

The eternal love story playing out at every moment.

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