Monday, July 2, 2012

No clue

The person i believed myself to be until some years ago 
had always been good in hiding. 
Disappearing in the woodwork had been the life motto:

'They might discover i am a fake, 
that i really have no clue what is going on.'

Now Awareness has taken over 
and tendencies get over ruled.
As Awareness loves to play.
Sees itself in all the contacts of the world
Loves to break limitations.
Tumbles over borders.
Nudges at firmly held beliefs and concepts
Bursts out laughing at so called problems and
simply delights in recognizing Itself.
Calling out to all and everyone:

'Look, I am you,  you are me,   
 There is only One'

Crickets tsjirp
In the distance some thunder is heard
A ticking clock
The warm humid atmosphere of a tropical evening.

 p.s    and still no clue what is going on,  
          but wow, what fun....  ;-)


  1. How wonderful to meet another member of the CLUELESS tribe!

    I love your photography. And your writing thrills with its clarity and authenticity. Thank you Anamika.

    I've added a link to your blog on:

    ~ miriam louisa

    1. Delighted to meet you, Miriam Louisa.

      The clueless tribe, i like 'That'. ;-)

      And thank you for adding a link of this blog
      to your beautiful website. Great the way you introduce the world to wideawake women. Through your website i met a few very interesting women i had not heard about.

      Isn't it an amazing unfolding in this everpresent NOW?.