Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life full on

How deep do we dare to sink into life?
Can we allow all of It to touch us?

How many defense mechanisms have we build up
to keep out the nasty bits,  the uncomfortable parts?

Death,  sickness,  decay.
Its not pretty.
But it is Life.
Deterioration of a loved one.
Its painful,  heart rending,
and yet it is Life.
Can we meet it in its fullness, 
without protective measures?

Growing up as a human being in today's day and age, 
it has become a habit to close up and to contract 
in an attempt to avoid the events and
sights which are ugly and painful.

It is part and parcel of believing oneself 
to be a separate individual.
In fact the person is the contraction.

Or in other words,  the contraction makes 
that we feel ourselves as separate,  
even though in reality no such a thing exists, 
as there is ever only One.

If the understanding has come through that 
there is no separate person,
that it is Life happening, 
it will eventually erode resistances which
are remnants of the old belief.

Once the illusion of a separate person has been seen,
Life itself will wriggle out all the buried assumptions,
the expectations and resistances.

This is a process which happens by itself.
There is not a person doing something; 
processing its resistances,
Life itself is presenting those things 
which are necessary to be seen.

Surrendering to What Is,  
is the same as meeting Life full on.

There is no choice,
It is Life happening.

A woodpigeon.
The windmill turning with screeching sounds.
Sweat is running down the back.
Its 10.58 on a lazy humid Sunday morning.

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