Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wake up

But the common story is more like this:

The two in one being,  
absorbed in each other,  
as One,
as being indistinguishable,  
a silent immobile holding
of Itself as Itself.

And because of 

( fill in the one you prefer...)
*   the Joy of  feeling itself separate and experiencing Itself          
     through duality
*   wanting to find Divine harmony in the manifest world
*   Anything you might feel appropriate....

awareness throws itself out into forms, 
colors and sounds, taste and smells,
sensations, thoughts and feelings.
Beings, plants, rocks and minerals, 
the whole of manifest existence comes into being.

Then because of a bloody freaking accident, 
or the play of the Divine, or...(?)
awareness goes into a coma 
and forgets itself as Itself.

Then the Lover keeps pulling at 
the so-called other,  
but actually itself 
and whispers,  shouts,  
and calls out loud:

Wake up, my love,  
I am you,  
remember who you are,  
come back to 
Me and Oneness.  
Look and See.
Shake off this forgetfulness 
which makes you sad and miserable.  
This feeling of separateness 
which makes you pursue
happiness in silly pursuits,  
leaving a wake of destruction. 
Wake up,  wake up,  
your forgetfulness is starting to become a liability.
The existence of the planet is at stake....



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