Saturday, August 18, 2012


Everything is absolutely relative,
Except the Absolute itself of course.
And as the Absolute is not a thing
and cannot be objectified,
even that statement is false.
In the end, ( and in the beginning as well )
one is lost for words...

And... if the Absolute is all there is,
it includes everything and definitely
anything relative
or relevant, 
or irrelevant
or trivial
or totally outlandish
or anything invented,
thought about,
or otherwise.

And anyway its all the Absolute
doing everything
as everything
as there is nothing else
apart from This.

All the discarded
and unwanted things, 
we prefer not to see, 
to look away from.
All the ugly sights and sites,  
Never ever anything outside
of what is.
But on the other side..

All things beautiful and marvelous
just as well.


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