Saturday, August 4, 2012


Dance,  dance the dance of life,
Swing, rock, rap.
Disappear in the music.

Hop on the train.
Sit at a station for a while,  
watch life go by.
Then hop on to the next.
Always moving, always Here.

A masserati on winding roads.

Diving with hang gliders from mountain tops.
Infinite as sky.

Who knows what life brings?
Who knows what you are meant to do?

Climb with heavy tread 
on stony paths the steep slopes.
Breathing deep,  
muscles aching.
Admire and drink in the view from the top.

Did you figure it out already?
What is your next move going to be?
Do you know?

Explore the jungle,
Nature overtaking you with 
its scents, sights and sounds.
Dissolving into the foliage.

Do you have your strategies in place?
Is your insurance up to date? 

Meanwhile dance with whatever comes your way.
Twist your legs, 
swing your hips.

Life is happening anyway anyhow.

You might as well..

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