Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breakfast on the terrace

Early Sunday morning
Breakfast on the terrace

The piano of the neighbor
chicken cackle
babblers babble

The taste of coffee
and the warmth of it reaching the stomach

One butterfly chases another,  dancing,
while they soar and tumble

Wind sways the branches of the trees around the house

A magpie robin sings for joy

A gentle peace lies on the land

A small insect flies around my head, and lands on my nose.
In a split second it is known from its flight pattern that it is not
a musquitoe but a tiny bee.
This is not the mind operative labeling.
It is knowing, immediate recognizing what it is.

The mind is too slow.  It observes, deducts, thinks about it
and comes to a conclusion after the fact.

Seeing knowing is immediate.
It is Self seeing itself as a myriad of things.
Knowledge through identity.
Seeing-Knowing is without interpretation.

Adyashanti says somewhere something like, (in my words):

Unenlightenment means seeing things which are not real.
The ideas we have about things, not the things in themselves.  
This includes all kinds of unexamined beliefs and concepts.

Enlightenment is just seeing things as they are.
Simply seeing going on,
without a someone doing it .

This open perspective.
There you are.

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