Thursday, August 9, 2012

The agony and the ecstasy

Does one ever know anything?

A passing mood  
an irritation 
a moments joy.

Does one know why it appeared the way it did?
A sadness,  
a depression.
Why did it jump from nowhere 
and made itself known?

The mind will come up with some clever answers.
And some of them might sound reasonable:

'because of this fellow doing this or that'

'because i just won the jack pot'

But does one ever really know?

This morning overwhelmed by heavy feelings,  
which weigh on the way one perceives the world.   
Usually labelled depression.
And why?


'sitting with a friend, who after an accident is brain damaged 
and who is struggling to come out of his confines'?

'menopausal fluctuations sending the mood into the pits' ?

'part of  integration happening,  some parts of the body mind set    up still reluctantly giving up their hold.  
Dreading the emptiness.'?

'a natural movement like the tides in the ocean, 
moving from ecstasy to agony,  from up to down.  
The breathing in and out by existence through this form.'?

Take your pick.  

And in the end what difference does it make?

And who is there to care.?

Sitting with this feeling,  
this delicacy thrown at one,
with all the love and compassion,
it is just Love embracing Itself.

Life happening...

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