Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It seems to me...

It seems to me...
that all there is
is Oneness 
or That
whatever one wants to call IT.

In this and as this 
all and everything comes into existence and 
goes out of it.

Intelligent energy patterning itself 
in a billion different ways.

Life forms, 
animate and inanimate.

And never ever is there in those lifeforms 
the sense of being separate.
Of having LOST IT.

As there is no one contemplating 
that they could possibly be out of It.

Until the human monkey comes onto the scene
and contracts into a individual 
which believes itself separate.

(The cramping up, 
 the resistance is what makes us feel separate.)

Then some of the contractions ( us ) get the urge
to seek wholeness, enlightenment.

It, the contracted human monkey, 
also thinks itself superior.

And thinks that because it searches for enlightenment,
the most noble of all endeavors, 
that the lifeforms who cannot reason and reflect are 
necessarily incapable of realizing
this most sought after ‘state’.

Not comprehending that animals and plants,
never have cramped up in the first place,
never have fallen out of paradise,
and have never left the place we are longing for.

We are all That, Oneness patterning as dogs, lions,
trees, rocks, humans etc. unknowingly.

Life forms patterning as humans 
when the contraction has fallen away 
are That aware of Itself knowingly.

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