Sunday, August 28, 2011


Once this is seen,
which is no big deal
as it is our experience always,
and so for everybody,
'the looking out of your eyes'
one might wonder a bit bewildered
'Now what? I have seen it,
is this all there is to it?'

And yes it is.
But the catch is that it is not a state.
It can be confusing as there is the word
Awareness which is a noun.
So in language it becomes an object,
something the person reaches out to,
and want to achieve or understand.
While actually This is not a thing.
It is more an activity,
an ongoing noticing,
so a verb is more accurate.

So once it is seen,
keep seeing,
keep awaring,
noticing that
This is always happening
This Is the happening.
Its the only happening.
Seeing, awaring always going on.
Always the only thing going on.

Thoughts, feelings, sensations,
are appearing and disappearing
in the immediacy of seeing and noticing.
This is the only thing
which is real and constant.

And in this immediate seeing there is no person.
Thoughts about the person come and go in this.

One needs to keep seeing this
again and again and again,
awaring of this
until it sinks in,
that this is all there ever is.
Everything else comes and goes.

Then it dawns that actually this
is what we are,
the Awaring,
the Seeing,
the Knowing.
Always have been
undeniably so.