Friday, August 26, 2011

Shit happens

When all is seen as it is,
there is a lot which falls away and changes.
The mind is more quiet, more at ease as
referring everything to a person stops.

Hopes, fears and beliefs have left, as they
are related to the story of the individual.

The idea that there is an inner life,
with inner perceptions and
an outer life which is separate is gone.
All is perceived as being in the one space.

It is actually a loss.
The loss of a personal me.
Which at times can be pretty empty and boring.
Some who have come into this perspective
would like to go back to the previous position,
of being a person, as there is more drama
and also because the emptiness
and al(l)oneness can be overwhelming.
As part of the integration, unfolding,
depressions may happen,
as anything can happen.
The feeling of loss can be keenly felt.

Anything and
everything goes through
and leaves no trace,
like it always does,
with everyone,
unless we spin a story
around it.

Another thing which has changed
is the idea that life should be fair,
or even better, a bed of roses.
That unpleasantness should not fall on us.
But that is not how it works.
Life operates in its own way.

The tree which is struck by lightening
is not lamenting to the universe:

'Why me, why did you not take the one next to me,?
i have been always such a good tree ! .

There is total acceptance of what is.

Earthquakes and tidal waves
Loss of loved ones
Death and decay.

Shit happens.