Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The space, awareness,
which is our home, our being for
which we consciously and
unconsciously are always longing for,
is something so unobtrusive and quiet
that we easily miss it.
We have been conditioned to override the
awareness of Awareness by the stories of our life.
Have been taught to forget it,
turn away from what we are,
and to believe in a false identity.

While all the while it is just here.
Its the quiet noticing of everything.

First to recognize it
Then getting to know it
Then to include everything into it
as Awareness accepts everything and
has no preferences.
Even to play the story of a person is perfect.
As there is nobody bound and nobody
to become free.

If this is of interest to you,
drop the idea that you
are a separate individual
and see what remains.