Saturday, August 20, 2011


Actually this is soo simple
it is almost absurd to talk and
write about it.
When the penny finally drops,
one cannot believe it.
Because this 'thing', has
been with you all your life.
Its the one and only constant,
its never not there.
Your lifelong companion,
always closer to you than
your own breath.
And not in any mystical way,
no, really down to earth,
and natural.

And one cannot believe the fuss;
the books written about it, blogs and
websites talking and writing bout this,
when it is the most simple and obvious
thing in the world
once it is recognized.

Aha, there it is... recognition.
How to extract the mish mash
of identification with thoughts and
feelings which have gone into the belief
of this pseudo person, this made-up
character, from that which is simply
looking, the cognizing
and recognizing factor?.

Yes that is the question..!
Did you come to this question?
Great, keep looking.
There are no answers.
Keep this open question
and see what's happening.
Nobody knows.