Sunday, August 7, 2011

Standing as the Self.

Standing as the Self means what?

Is to know that one is not the person,
but the field in which everything is happening.
All the happenings of life.
Going through the day.
Persons coming and going,
sounds and smells,
thoughts, feelings
appearing and disappearing.
It all happens in this one Space.
Which is your perception,
your awareness,
which is always there,
right here right now.
Where there is no time,
the everlasting Now.
Which has no beginning and no end.

I AM is ageless, timeless, always here,
will never die.
There is no death.
After all we have no idea what death is.
It is an imagining in the future of the disappearance
of the body, with which we identify.
But right now, here, we do not know what it is.
It is just speculation.
If one is not identified with the body and the mind,
awareness is all there is,
there is no more fear of death.
It becomes something abstract and meaningless.