Saturday, August 27, 2011

What is looking ?

Seeking is looking away from
what you already are.
Freedom is here and now
already yours,
always has been.

With the idea that freedom is close,
not yet present,
it is the wrong beliefs which
keep us from seeing what we truly are.
Some of them:

It takes time to get there,
i am not there yet
If i meditate everyday for hours and
open myself to the Force it might happen
one day in the future.

I am not good enough
There are still soo many impurities,
i have to clean my unconscious,
subconscious, lower vital, etc.

Only when i am saintly, and special
will this be bestowed upon me.
Not for any Tom Dick and Mary,
not for me because you have 
to be already special.

Its very difficult to get there
It asks for a special skill,
i do not have.

The way out of this and
to cut through it all:

'What is looking,
is what you are looking for'