Monday, August 22, 2011


These musings are not trying to accomplish anything,
accept maybe to clarify a bit this hazy and abstract subject.
At least when we try to grasp it.
It becomes crystal clear though when
you know it through experience.
By being it.

By realizing that you are this beingnes
and not the person you take yourself to be.
For this, if this is an issue in your life,
you have to investigate your own experience
by turning your attention towards
the perceptions, thoughts, sensations, feelings
and ask yourself the question, in a very
open manner, but with a sincere wish to know,
'Where is this taking place?',
'Who is perceiving ?'
'Who is the one who wants to know all this?'
And don't expect any answers in words,
in the mind.

If this question has you in a stranglehold from
which you cannot and do not want to escape.
If it has become imperative to know the
answer to this.
And if you are ready to give up everything
known to you,
you might be ready to see it.
Who knows?

The simplicity of this realization is such
that some burst out laughing at having
been such a fool for not having seen this before.

Others have become angry, for the same reason,
having spend so much time,
money, energy trying to figure
this out, when it was always here:
the looking out of your eyes,
the silence between the thoughts.
Never not here

But then to some it happens
just like that.
Out of the blue.
As if struck by lightening.

In a way it is mysterious
why something so obvious
can be so hidden.
And why it happens to some
and not to others.

While we are That always
whether we know it or not.