Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ticking of the clock

a croacking frog

sounds appearing and disappearing

blinking of the cursor on the screen

toes of the right foot on the floor

sights and sounds and sense perceptions

itching of the lower lip

a falling coconut crashing

nothing special going on

firecrackers in a distant village

some sound from the neighbours house

always the same space where it all happens

humming of the laptop

waterdrops dripping on the leaves

it is always here and now

a thought about work passes by

the neighbour whistles a little

every ones every moments perceptions
and there isn't anybody doing it

some sensation of heaviness in the shoulders

flying foxes in the coconut trees are flapping their wings
there is no inside and outside

a deep sigh

tapping of the keys on the keyboard

not one thing is more 'mine' than the other
all is of equal importance


the fridge starting up

all equally impassively registered

a brain fever bird

the stomach rumbles

just things going on

firecrackers in crescendo

wind rustles the palm leaves

no doer in sight

itching at the left index finger

a scops owl hoots

as it is