Friday, August 19, 2011


Writing these posts are a curious affair.

Finally having the guts to write about..
( yes about what...? )

One feels sometimes an intoxication
as one tries to write about THE thing
or no-thing which matters most.
As if trying to describe
the face of your Beloved.
And because one tries
one opens up
to the vision of That.
The most beautiful
the most lovable
the thing one feels
one could die for.

Like trying to catch
the morning fog
with bare hands
its beautiful
one feels elated.
And its impossible
to capture.
So one feels
a fraud
a fake because
it is not even
coming close.
Everything one
says is
an approximation
as soon as
it leaves

Oscillating between
tasting honey
and being honey.
In both cases
to convey.