Thursday, August 25, 2011


'Its the quiet noticing of everything'.

Not only a noticing, it is also a knowing.
A knowing of everything which appears.
A wordless recognition where a dog
is known as a dog and not as an apple pie.
This knowing is instant and immediate.
Knowledge through identity.

Its prior to labeling and judging.
Prior to our hopes and fears.

That dog is big, its probably an angry dog,
i hope it will not bark.

Its before the mind kicks in and spins its
The mind projects endlessly;
in the past with memories
and into the future with hopes and fears.
And because awareness has no preference
it goes with all the stories.
It shines its light on everything that appears:
thoughts and feelings,
the sublime and the mundane
imaginations and dreams
the beautiful and the hideous
the boring, tedious, stubborn
all qualities and expressions possible
the beggar in the street, the newly weds
the sinner, the saint
nothing is excluded
This amazing dance of possibilities,
of movement, of creative outpourings.

All just happening
Life happening

Awareness knows it all and
sees it all coming into and
going out of existence.

When awareness comes to know itself,
not as the puppet who is at the mercy
of the ups and downs of life,
but as That in which all is happening,
there is the joy of union,
the intimacy of a lovers embrace
with existence.