Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One wonders

We do not know what Life is.
Life is just a word to indicate
this open field where things are happening.
Inexplicably things come and go.
We do not really know what it is that
comes and goes.
We give it words, like sky, or cow or spoon;
but what is it really?.
Can we capture the mystery
of air, colour, water condensations,
air pockets etc. in a word called sky?
And if we look closely do we even know
what is a colour, or air pockets.

It is all a mysterious happening.

Or a cow, what is it?
A word to indicate what is this mass of cells,
differentiated in so many different functions,
and it breathes and moves, and milk can come?

Do we know what anything is?

Opening up to this wonder.

One wonders